Schildwachter's Bioheat® Fuel is biodiesel blended with ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

  • cleaner-burning heating oil
  • An environmentally-friendly heating oil
  • domestically-grown heating oil

It's all here now, in one green product from Schildwachter!

It's called Bioheat® fuel, and it is clearly the next generation in heating oil. Bioheat® fuel is made from ultra-low sulfur heating oil and domestically grown soybean oil blended to strict specifications to ensure quality. Schildwachter delivers Bioheat® fuel to all our residential and commercial customers.

Bioheat® fuel outperforms traditional heating oil in several important ways.


  1. Bioheat® fuel is a cleaner burning fuel, resulting in better efficiency and reducing the need for service calls, whether your burner is a newer model or not. This has been proven through years of field testing in homes right here in New York.
  2. Bioheat-Logo-SUB-PAGE.pngSince Bioheat® fuel is made of soybean oil, its combustion releases dramatically lower levels of carbon and other harmful gases into the environment compared to traditional heating oil.
  3. Soybean oil is an ample, renewable source of energy grown on farms across America. Its use in Bioheat® fuel reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and helps keep oil prices down by lowering demand.
  4. Bioheat® fuel works in all oil heating systems without requiring any changes to the equipment. It's the cost-effective way to immediately reduce your carbon footprint and other GHG emissions.

Schildwachter has always believed that the use of soybean oil and other renewable energy sources are an important step forward for our environment, our economy, our industry and our customers.

If you would like to learn more about this eco-friendly fuel, please contact our Customer Relations department at 1-800-NICE-N-HOT (1-800-642-3646). And please let your family, friends and neighbors know about clean, green, carbon-reducing Bioheat® fuel, too!

The future of heating oil is here ... now!!!

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