dreamstime_5446707_House.pngIf you read newspaper advertisements or surf the Internet, you probably know that there are companies that sell heating oil at prices that seem too good to be true. If you have wondered, "Why not go for the lowest price?" here are seven good reasons why you're better off with a highly professional provider like Schildwachter.

  1. Sound Management Practices: A full-service company like Schildwachter has many years of experience (since 1904 in our case) in the energy and home comfort business. Our reputation is on the line every day, and we exercise great care in all we do. A discount oil company, on the other hand, can open its doors one month and then disappear the next. They have very little at stake, and if they make a mistake that damages your property, they can simply go out of business.

  2. Competent Professionals: Unfortunately, anyone can buy an oil truck and call themselves an oil company. They don't have to know much about the business, and they can use you as their guinea pig. They might hire drivers or service technicians without running thorough background checks. When you let an oil driver on your property, wouldn't you like to know they work for a company that has a long-standing reputation on the line every day?

  3. Reliable Supply: A full-service company like ours never runs out of fuel because we maintain our own fuel storage facility, we are financially sound, and we have excellent relationships with our suppliers. A discount oil dealer generally has no storage facility, and they may have very limited financial resources and no access to credit. There is a very real risk that they will not able to pay their supplier, which means you could call for a delivery and find out that your discount supplier has gone out of business.

  4. Essential Maintenance: Heating equipment requires preventive maintenance to prevent major repairs and run efficiently. When a Schildwachter technician tunes your system, you gain efficiency - probably more than enough to cover any money you'd save buying discount oil. Plus, we'll detect and resolve small problems with your heating system so you won't face costly, unnecessary repairs.

  5. Better Oil: Schildwachter protects your equipment and improves efficiency by selling premium oil that is treated with Gold Shield Energizer - an exclusive, specially formulated detergent that gradually cleans your oil handling system and improves system efficiency. Discount oil dealers sell untreated oil that clogs your equipment with sediment that can cause heat outages and costly repairs.

  6. Maximum Leverage for You: As a customer, it's good to have some clout, and that's what you get when you choose one company for both fuel delivery and heating service. Your account is very important to a company like ours, and we stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction. When you need an emergency repair or a prompt delivery, it pays to be a valued customer.

  7. Conservation Advice: Heating technology is constantly evolving, and a company like Schildwachter stays on the cutting edge and helps customers drive down their energy consumption with new high-efficiency equipment. When you choose discount oil, you sacrifice the opportunity to work with conservation experts who consistently guide you towards improved fuel economy - and enhanced comfort.