As your heating fuel and service provider, Schildwatchter is working hard to keep our fellow New Yorkers safe and comfortable, just as we have since 1904. With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation posing challenges for all New Yorkers, we wanted to reassure you that our company remains open for business and is taking precautions to protect the health of our customers and employees.

Here's what we are doing to safeguard you, your families and ours:

  • Providing Bioheat® fuel deliveries and performing emergency heating equipment services – please use our online delivery form to order a delivery, or call 800-642-3646 for emergency requests.
  • Keeping our Mount Vernon location open to employees only – if you need to pay a bill, please pay by phone or online.
  • Practicing recommended social distancing – that means, for now, no handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps, etc.
  • Washing our hands frequently – plus, wearing gloves, shoe covers and facemasks when available.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces – including office and mobile phones, vehicle door handles, steering wheels, etc.

Lastly, if a service tech must enter your home, they will ask if anyone in the household is experiencing fever, coughing or shortness of breath. Customers who answer "yes" will be kindly asked to:

  • Stay in another room with the door closed until the tech's work is done
  • Keep a safe distance of at least six feet from the tech at all times

We ask that you please respect the requests of our team members. Again, these extra precautions are being taken to help protect you, your family and ours. Please rest assured that Schildwachter is doing everything in our power to help our customers and their families during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please call 718-828-2500 or contact us online.