Effective September 1, 2006, Fred M. Schildwachter & Sons furnishes Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).


For diesel truck and vehicle fueling, nothing beats Schildwachter clear diesel. We supply Premium Diesel customized for the seasons - your answer to superior engine performance. Benefits of this product include:

  1. Injector Cleanliness — meets or exceeds both NCWM and EMA/TMC Diesel criteria. Prevents deposits, which deteriorate fuel economy and emissions.

  2. Thermal Stability — exceeds both NCWM & EMA/TMC Diesel Thermal Stability Requirements, which ensure fuel filters are clear and exhaust smoke is minimized.

  3. Moisture Control System — safely removes moisture and prevents conditions that could cause microbial contamination.

  4. Lubricity Protection — exceeds EMA/TMC Diesel criteria.

  5. Corrosion Protection — exceeds Cummins N-14 specifications for spray-hole erosion.


High cetane rating

Schildwachter diesel fuel also contains a high cetane rating. The cetane rating of diesel fuel is a measure of the lag time between injection and combustion. The higher the cetane rating, the quicker the ignition, and consequently, the quieter the combustion. The cetane quality of the fuel determines the intensity of detonation and also the ease of starting in cold weather.