Benefits of Biofuel

Benefits of Biofuel

As a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and clean, green biofuel, Schildwacther’s Bio20 Heating Oil has all the advantages of Oilheat and more.

Did you know that the U.S. now produces more oil than it has since the early 1970s? It’s true. Increased production means increased supply, which is one of the main reasons for Bio20 Heating Oil’s low prices. With abundant and safe storage and high production numbers, Bio20 Heating Oil provides you with the best value, safety and security for your heating needs. Simply stated: It's the safe, economical and efficient way to heat.

Top 10 Advantages of Choosing Bio20 Heating Oil *

  1. Bio20 with 20 percent renewable soy bean oil. Natural gas is a fossil fuel with no alternative.
  2. VALUE: A better value than gas heat, Oilheat produces more heat per gallon than any other heating fuel. Plus, Oilheat prices are declining while natural gas prices are on the rise.
  3. SAVINGS: You'll save up to 40 percent OR MORE in heating and hot water costs by upgrading to a new Oilheat system.
  4. EFFICIENCY: Flame retention head oil burners operate at TOP PERFORMANCE with clean combustion.
  5. CLOSE TO NO EMISSIONS: Oil burner particulate emissions are approaching near-zero levels. Bio20 Heating Oil produces fewer emissions over 100 years than natural gas.
  6. SAFETY: Before releasing dangerous and invisible carbon monoxide, an oil system will warn you with smoke, soot or an odor. Gas heat equipment gives no warning of the production of this toxic gas.
  7. UNDERSTANDABLE BILLING: Oilheat bills are easy to comprehend, while gas bills contain "mystery" costs, such as gas adjustments and warm weather adjustments.
  8. SUPPLIER CHOICES: Oilheat offers you a choice of many suppliers. Natural gas is supplied by the utilities.
  9. PERSONAL SERVICE: You'll enjoy personalized service from Schildwachter Oil. We get to know you and your heating system.
  10. SECURITY: Bio20 Heating Oil is not explosive. Natural gas is. Just look at the papers.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

Your heating oil is better than ever!

In 2010, New York State approved a switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), which reduces sulfur content in the fuel by 99 percent. The law went into effect on July 1, 2012.


  • Heating equipment that runs on ULSHO lasts longer and requires less maintenance.
  • Using ULSHO also increases your heating system’s efficiency. And, according to the Consumer Energy Council of America, ULSHO reduces emissions by over 70 percent compared to traditional heating fuel.
  • You don’t need to make any modifications to your burner, boiler, furnace, tank or any heating system component in order to use ULSHO.
  • ULSHO can be blended with renewable, eco-friendly biodiesel to create Bioheat® fuel, the cleanest home heating fuel in the USA. Combine that with the latest advanced burners, and emissions are reduced even further

Why It's Good for Everyone

It's clean. It's green. It's often made from a bean. And it's one of the "hottest" things happening in home comfort.

Biofuel - heating oil blended with biodegradable substances such as soybean oil - is renewable and non-toxic, making it not only kind to Mother Earth, but kind to heating systems, too.

  • Domestically produced, soy-based Bio20 Heating Oil can literally be grown at home - helping to support our nation's farmers and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Extremely clean burning, Bio20 Heating Oil means fewer service calls.
  • Bio20 Heating Oil has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel.
  • Bio20 Heating Oil requires no furnace modification.

Testing conducted by the Brookhaven National Laboratory found that a blend of 80 percent low-sulfur heating oil and 20 percent biodiesel (B20) reduced sulfur oxide emissions by as much as 80 percent or more. Nitrogen Oxide emissions were lowered by about 20 percent. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions can be lowered by 20 percent.

Officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimate that if everyone in the Northeast with an oil furnace used a B5 blend (5 percent biodiesel/95 percent heating oil), 50 million gallons of regular heating oil could be conserved.

In New York State...

Heating oil consumers receive a tax credit on each gallon of Bio20 Heating Oil they purchase. Until 2020, consumers will receive a $.20 tax credit for each gallon they purchase. To claim your credit, download Form IT-241-I, complete the Claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit, and see your tax professional.

In New York City ...

New York City requires all heating oil sold in the Five Boroughs to be a minimum B2 Bioheat fuel (2 percent biodiesel). The minimum level increased to B5 in October 2017 and will increase to B20 by 2034.

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